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J. Ambrogi Foods is proud to support community farms throughout our service area. Our “Let’s Get Local” program consists of proud partnerships with family farms throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Not only do we believe that local produce has health and taste benefits essential to your customer’s satisfaction, but also helps support our local farms and communities. Here are some of the many benefits to buying local:
• Supporting local farming is an investment in your community and promotes sustainability
• Local produce is fresher and has a longer shelf life
• Products are grown for taste rather than for economies of scale
• Growing products locally reduces both the carbon footprint and transportation emissions
• Local farmers utilize best agricultural practices like e ective crop rotation
and minimal use of pesticides.
• The true seasonality of local produce means products are available when they are most abundant and at their peak.
Geographically, our service area is a great source for local produce due to the support of State Departments
of Agriculture programs like Jersey Fresh (NJ), PA Preferred (PA), Pride of New York (NY) and Delaware Grown (DE). Let us help you give your customers the best by buying locally and supporting sustainability.

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