Let’s Get Local

We are proud to support strong, local community farms through our “Let’s Get Local” program. We buy and distribute produce, dairy and specialty items locally allowing us to invest in the expansion and success of our neighborhood businesses and communities.

Our local program is made possible by partnerships with family farms throughout the Mid-Atlantic region:

  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Northern Virginia

By working together, we can ensure that your “Local Season” is a success

  • Our partnerships with farms in the region provide you access to a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season
  • Using our local calendar, you can proactively plan menu items to include more local products throughout the growing season
  • Our local products will infuse your menu with more delicious and unique flavors for tastier dishes “Let’s Get Local” extends freshness by getting to your kitchen and plates faster
  • Buying and supporting local farms reduces transportation of products thus reducing our carbon footprint
  • We work with our customers to prepare customized marketing support for your displays that promote the farm name and location

Buying local invests back into our communities to support our farms growing healthy and delicious fruits, vegetables and dairy for many generations to come.

Buy local with Ambrogi

Local farms utilize the best agricultural practices including effective crop rotation, minimizing the environmental impact of pesticides which offers better health benefits.