J. Ambrogi History

J. Ambrogi Foods is an independent, family-owned food distributor, with five generations of industry knowledge, delivering exceptional quality and service
to our customers.

Our story began in 1884, when Narcissa Ambrogi began delivering produce in a horse-drawn cart in Center City, Philadelphia. Around the turn of the 20th century, he and his three sons opened a retail location at 13 South 15th Street. They were innovative pioneers of the fancy fruit gift basket, using only the finest fruits and nuts available. Their gorgeous handmade baskets were constructed meticulously with ribbon—never tape.

This continued until 1965, when Narcissa’s grandson, John Ambrogi, Sr., successfully transitioned into wholesale distribution, starting with a few key customers that he serviced from the Philadelphia Produce Market.

John, “Jerry” Ambrogi, Jr. joined his father in 1981 to learn the family trade. In 1987, with only three accounts, Jerry and his wife Kristy leased their first warehouse space and incorporated the company as J. Ambrogi Foods. Jerry’s dedicated vision, focus and forward thinking has helped the company achieve tremendous growth and success. They were joined by their son, Michael, in 2015.

Today, Jerry’s legacy lives on in Kristy and Michael, who have assumed leadership of the company. They are passionate about providing the best produce and constantly strive to deliver the highest quality commodities, both from local farms and around the world. This, combined with our unparalleled service and integrity, makes J. Ambrogi Foods a trusted and reliable partner in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Jerry Ambrogi

Jerry Ambrogi